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RippleCARE, a groundbreaking customizable application for chronic care assistance & speciality driven needs. Encompassing continuum of care to improve clinical outcomes and reduce the cost of care.


RippleCARE is the outcome of 12+ years of expertise of solving numerous complex problems in the healthcare industry. At SolvEdge, we are determined to change the way that the healthcare industry works through our continuous innovation.

RippleCARE is a collaborative and coordinated framework to guide all caregivers and family members. The care plan is designed to provide continuity of care and help the patient better engage in self care activities to improve their health.

Care plan based framework

Care plan is a coherent plan of care put together by the care family to manage patients’ health beyond hospital walls. Care plans are comprised of health history, health concerns, goals, instructions and interventions, periodical review, and the care team members in-charge.

Path to Engagement

RippleCare Platform comes with standardized framework for healthcare that is easily scalable and customizable.

Synthesise all plans

Care plans can address a multitude of areas such as nutrition, physical activity, medication management, and more, which can be customized and scaled to fit for any specialty, service line or chronic care .

Engage in self care activities

The Care Path lingo may vary across different participants; treatment plans (medication), support plans (social care), intervention or management plans (used by nurses), advanced care plans (communication and interaction with others), among many others.

Evidence based content

Content and workflows derived for the full spectrum of human conditions are backed by data decisions. Enroll patients in adherence centered campaigns, aided by sophisticated data driven rules that allow you to tailor the experience to the individual needs of your patient population.

Automated Interventions

Our patient centered platform automatically notifies the patients family if they are unprepared, or falling behind. The RippleCARE dashboard allows you to identify patients moving out of compliance through a simple green, yellow, red categorization model, letting you investigate, intervene and take action instantaneously.

Key Features

White Label Design

Customizable styling allows the admin portal to quickly match the look and feel of the rest of your application.

Audit Logging

All actions performed by users including any data viewed is tracked in an audit log and easily accessed from the admin portal.

FHIR-Based Data Model for Interoperability

Data model for users and patients is based on the FHIR standard to support integration with other hospital or clinical systems.

User Relationship Management

Limits access to patient data to authorized users only, and allows new roles to be created or customized to fit into different deployment environments.
Allows the transfer of individual patients to different members of a care team and manage users who have access to patient information.

Product Framework


Over a decade of experience in catering to all 3P’s of healthcare enterprises. Consistency in processing records of over a million patients every year has given us immense insights about the needs of the healthcare industry.

HealthCare Transformation

We focus on developing cost-efficient and engaging software solutions that enables healthcare practitioners to deliver effective care to their patients.

SolvEdge commands closely integrated user research, design and development teams working under one roof with varied technology expertise addressing industry level complexities at various degrees successfully.

Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab, which is 100% bootstrapped focuses on the needs of health care specturm. We have subject matter experts, like healthcare practitioners guiding us at each step while we design and develop solutions.

What drives us?
Mobile-first solution innovation on the cloud. Our customizable framework helps to build new apps and be the foundation for your app design and development projects.

Tech Speak

RippleCARE takes a cloud based platform approach to delivering patient engagement and digital health app experiences. This means that our solutions aren’t silo’ed, hard coded or one-offs, but rather individual threads of a much larger fabric of patient engagement and understanding.

By embracing the platform model, our customers enjoy enhanced flexibility, faster time to launch, and the ability to leverage data across solutions, options simply unavailable in competitive, condition specific offerings.

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