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    AI driven patient engagement
    to minimize drop-outs
    The correlation between patient drop out and patient engagement,
    almost 80% of patient drop outs happen due to the lack of communication,
    clarity and confidence during the process of clinical trial.

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  • engagement

    For better Outcomes
    Send customized assessments, educational documents and videos
    directly to patients. Platform also helps in customizing volumes
    of patient education materials, to disseminate at ease.

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    For better Outcomes
    RippleCARE helps providers reduce their dependencies on skilled
    resources by transforming technology aided follow-up automation processes.

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  • Engaging Patients
    beyond the hospital/practice
    1. Hassle-free setup for hospital/practice.
    2. Specialty driven or chronic care specific.
    3. Configurable patient journey.
    4. Intelligent intervention by care giver.
    5. Predictive measures for lowering costs.

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Assess Anytime

Effortless patient onboarding that maximizes practice efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Coach On-the-go

Know when they are on or off-track of their plan, and if they need your help.

Engage Actively

Engage and educate patients for an exceptional inpatient experience.

The Future of Healthcare Engagement

Our platform allows healthcare networks, physician practices, and downstream providers to remotely monitor, engage, and collaborate along the patients continuum of care in order to save time, make money, and satisfy patients.

RippleCARE provides automatic coaching, education and communication to motivate patients to better comply with their prescribed pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical rehabilitation programs.

RIPPLECARE'S Key Highlights


Based on clinical protocols, our platform assists patients in preparing for their upcoming visit. RippleCARE covers a range of requirements; from home assessments to food consumption to exercise instructions, it is designed to ensure patient preparedness is at its best.


Create customized care plans to monitor patients progress, pain level indication, adherence to recommended activities, and gather feedback along their continuum. Analyze outcomes and scores at the patient level or across your patient group and segmentation populations.


Patient education can be a daunting task, but leveraging technology makes the process simpler. Send customized assessments, educational documents and videos directly to patients. RippleCARE also helps in customizing volumes of patient education materials, to disseminate at ease.


We understand the important role that family members play towards patient recovery. That’s why RippleCARE was well thought out to make sure that every person involved has care delivery access and the ability to keep track of real-time health updates to ensure that informed actions can take place.

Continuous Care

RippleCARE provides customizable interactive questionnaires for comprehensive assessment of the patients recovery status post discharge. The patients active involvement in responding to these questions can help optimize care delivery and improve the overall patient experience.

RippleCARE - Service Highlights

  • Patients

    Patients have all of the information that they need and can easily be in contact with their caregivers, giving them the confidence to succeed.

  • Care Coordinators

    Each member of the care team can leverage themselves to complete their “tasks” while ensuring patient progress.

  • Service Line Directors

    On-demand reports give administrators the quick data they need to report on program performance.

  • Outcomes Manager

    Reduce readmissions and maintain patient satisfaction by being better prepared, more compliant and more confident.

MACRA Compliance

Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)

macraMeasures that can be reported based on clinic data only (no hospital data or verification required).

macra1Requires minimal effort from your clinical staff or doctors.

macra2 Requires minimal effort on patients.

macra3 Ease of data collection and reporting.

macra4Maximizes your return/score.


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RippleCARE helps physicians and their teams to automate time-consuming tasks, improve outcomes and elevate the patient experience to a new level of care.

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